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Just a Paddy sellin' Hot Sauce!

Barry's hot sauce started the same way most small businesses do… as a hobby! I've always loved to cook and since moving to Boston from Ireland some years ago I have been making my own homemade sauces, bone broths, stocks, kimchi, pickles, kombucha and just about anything that I could make a little project out of.

Like most of you reading this (I assume) I've always put hot sauce on everything. So chancing my arm at making my own was just the inevitable next step. I've always had an interest in eating healthy so I never gave a second's thought to adding sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or any other nonsense into the sauces or other foods that I make. I definitely didn't set out to make a 'health conscious' hot sauce, but that's just what I threw into the blender and that's how it turned out. When friends and family kept asking for more of the stuff I figured it couldn't hurt to share it with everyone else, and now here we are!

Although our sauces have a heat index on every bottle to indicate the spice level, we know that heat tolerance varies wildly. None of our sauces are super mild, but that being said we certainly approach sauce making with flavor being the first characteristic in mind. Aside from our Original X - Reaper Edition Hot Sauce (which features the Carolina Reaper pepper) most of our sauces can generally be described as medium to hot, bordering on very hot for some people. We wouldn’t be selling hot sauce if we didn’t feel the need for heat, but trust us when we say we’re all about flavor and food enjoyment, and not so much about masochism!

We officially sold our first bottle of Barry’s Hot Sauce in May of 2019 at the Central Square Farmers Market in Cambridge, MA. Since then we’ve gone on to do countless markets, tasting, events and festivals all over New England. We went into this little venture with no real expectations other than building a nice little side hustle, but because of the support and love from all the people we have met along the way it quickly became more than that, and we have loved every second of it (and there were certainly some rough seconds throughout).

I hope you get to try and enjoy my hot sauce as much as I do, and as always...

Stay Hot, Stay Healthy!

Barry Shannon