Just a Paddy sellin' Hot Sauce!

With a glaring lack of hot sauce options available in the Irish countryside, founder Barry Shannon whipped up his first ever batch of spicy goodness simply to feed his own need for heat as a young spice lover stuck in a bland, potato-centric society. This spicy concoction got him through the arduous, limited diet of a broke college student studying health and fitness at the University of Limerick back in 2009. Years later, after moving across the Atlantic and landing in Boston, that passion grew into the delicious lineup of sugar free hot sauces that you see today.

While tending bar in Boston, Barry kept making this secret sauce for family and friends until eventually regulars at the bar began to use it on their food. This of course lead to fresh batches being whipped up every other week to keep it in stock for fear of revolt. After months of spending all his time and money making hot sauce for free, Barry proclaimed he would only make more of the good stuff if people paid for it, assuming this would most likely put an end to it all. But to his surprise the unthinkable happened, and people DID start paying for it! It was then that Barry realized he had something special, and so he began developing and testing more recipes, eventually landing on our Original and Jalapeño sauces that he launched the company with way back when.

After the long and tedious process of getting certified, licensed and finding a commercial kitchen, the first bottle of Barry’s Hot Sauce was officially sold in May of 2019 at the Central Square Farmers Market in Cambridge, MA. Since then we’ve gone on to do countless markets, events and festivals all over New England and beyond. We went into this little venture with no real expectations other than building a nice little side hustle, but because of the support and love from all the people we have met along the way it quickly became more than that, and we have loved every second of it!

“Like most of you reading this (I assume) I've always put hot sauce on everything. So chancing my arm at making my own was just the inevitable next step. I've always had an interest in eating healthy, so I never gave a second's thought to adding sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or anything like that into my sauces. I definitely didn't set out to make a 'health conscious' hot sauce, but that's just what I threw into the blender and that's how it turned out. When friends and family kept asking for more of the stuff I figured it couldn't hurt to share it with everyone else, and now here we are!

I hope you get to try and enjoy my hot sauce as much as I do, and as always...

Stay Hot, Stay Healthy!”

Barry Shannon, Founder

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